USA NASA Educational Tour

               USA NASA educational tour is a amazing 7 days tour which includes 3 days NASA educational experience certificate program, University of Miami visit, World popular Disney World visit and the most popular spring break destinations in the world ‘Miami Beach’.


Day 1:
            • Reach to hotel in Orlando and rest at the hotel.

Day 2, 3 and 4:
            • Start from hotel to NASA Kennedy Space Center.
            • At NASA Kennedy Space Center.
            • Return to hotel.
Day 5:
             • Disney World Theme Park – Magic Kingdom visit.
Day 6:
             • Wall Mart & Orlando outlet mall Shopping.
Day 7:
            • Morning we start from Orlando and travel to Miami. It takes 3 and half hours to reach Miami.
            • Visit to University of Miami in the morning.
            • Visit to Miami beach in the afternoon.
            • Go to airport in the evening and board flight back to India from Miami airport.

3 Days NASA Educational: Experience Program 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in United States of America is responsible for the aeronautics and aerospace research.
Team Engineering Challenges: Students team-up as they are presented with NASA engineering challenges. All engineering builds are based on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics components.

NASA Kennedy Space Center 3 Days Camp
Program Includes: Three full days of guided instruction, led by experienced educators
            • Meet and greet with an NASA astronaut − Students meet a veteran NASA astronaut, who talks about the future of space exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions, and later they receive an autographed souvenir from their astronaut guest.
            • Young people experience, imagine and interact through space shuttle mission simulations, tours of Kennedy Space Center and witnessing firsthand the everyday challenges faced by astronauts. It all adds up to an inspiring three days of fun and enriching space activities.
            • Instructor-led tours of Rocket Garden, Early Space Exploration, the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and NASA's launch headquarters.
            • Students team-up as they are presented with NASA engineering challenges based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics components.
            • A variety of hands-on activities and motion-based astronaut training simulators.

Benefits of USA NASA Educational Tour:
            • USA NASA tour offers a great opportunity for a rich science and technology immersion experience, and a tremendous way to facilitate learning. Also experience a different education system in University campus tour.
            • NASA 3 days educational certificate is a value added when they apply for higher education.
            • Chances of 10 years multiple entry USA visa is a golden opportunity of this century.
            • USA NASA tour is free for Teachers. For every 15 students, one teacher can accompany for free with students.
            • Students travelling in USA NASA might decide to study abroad to more thoroughly immerse themselves in Science and Technology. Students may also be more likely to travel independently in the future, continuing to broaden their understanding of the world.
            • Through their experiences in USA different systems, students will learn to see their homeland in a new way. Once they learn to think about the issues affecting another country in a holistic way, they can begin to do the same with their own country, state and city. This can be one of the most beneficial aspects of USA NASA educational tour.

Tour cost includes: International air ticket, accommodation, food, local transportation, visa fees and visa document preparation, travel insurance, NASA 3 days camp fees, Disney World theme park visit, University visit, other tips and another site seeing includes Miami Beach.

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